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Fame Gemstone Pouch

  • Fame has to do with our reputation in our communities at home and at large.   When we cultivate a good reputation, we not only benefit ourselves but also those around us. The Fame Gemstone Pouch was created to support our desire for a positive interrelationship with those around us.

    The pouch includes three beautiful extra large gemstones, selected to energetically correspond to the Fame area of the Feng Shui Bagua. The Fame area is represented by the Fire element and fire likes to spread and expand. Let’s make sure what we are spreading is a good reputation. Use your Gemstone Pouch to enhance this area of your home if you are looking to achieve more recognition, whether at work or play.

  • Fame Gemstones

    Carnelian is a beautiful reddish/orange banded, iron-rich silicate. It moves stagnant chi and is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity. Its fiery quality directs us to become fully integrated, allowing us to be successful in our personal and business pursuits.

    Sunstone is referred to as the “rock that is found in the mountain.” This feldspar stone sparkles with either hematite or copper crystals inclusions.   These dense metals give weight to the stone, which provides a foundation for increased self-worth and faith in ourselves. Sunstone reminds us to let our true light shine, which allows prosperity to flow into our lives.   

    Leopardite is in the agate-jasper family. It includes complex patterns of circles and spots, which have a broad affect in softening and breaking up stagnate energy. Leopardite gets us moving, while at the same time provides a stabilizing energy, reminding us to use our fame wisely.

    The Gemstone Pouch is a satin-lined, drawstring bag constructed out of a sturdy, jute material with a screen print logo. Each pouch contains three semiprecious, extra-large gemstones, which were selected to energetically correspond to a specific area of the feng shui bagua. In addition, a crystal-clear quartz gemstone is included in the pouch to both enhance the properties of the gemstones and to recharge the stones after each use.

    Included with your purchase is a bamboo tea mat to give prominent beauty to your gemstone placement and a Feng Shui bagua map.

  • Dimensions

    The Gemstone Pouch is 3 in wide x 5 in tall. Each gemstone ranges from 1 to 2 inches.