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Hippie Love Elixir

The Hippie Love Elixir combines the stones of love: the soft pink luster of the rose quartz, the effusive, gentle qualities of rhodonite, and the transformational layers of blue lace agate.   Next, we add a splash of sensuous Ylang Ylang essential oil to the lavender-infused, natural spring water and the stage is set to attract full-out, heart-opening LOVE energy.   Use this elixir as an affirmation to love and be loved with no conditions attached. Available in a 4-ounce spray bottle or in a 1-ounce travel size.

Dancing Spirit Gemstone Elixirs were created with the objective of energizing a space to influence specific intentions. We begin with clear, filtered spring water or distilled water, imbued with the essence of selected gemstones; 100% pure organic essential oils; and hand-picked, organically grown herbs. Organic vodka is added as an emulsifier and preservative. These ingredients blend to produce a potent room enhancer that you can enjoy at home or work or wherever your travels take you.