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Gemstone Energy

Working with gemstones is a beautiful and fun way to facilitate the Earth’s powerful energy to invoke change in our lives. There are different applications for working with gemstone energy: in the body (internal), on the body (poultice), or around the body (vibrational). Dancing Spirit Gemstones focuses on the vibrational essence of gemstones in our immediate environment. We are excited to be able to offer beautiful gemstone products as a way to bring this vibrational energy into our homes and workplaces.

Our products focus on the properties, energies, and colors of gemstones and their relationship to Feng Shui as a way to apply their power to our spaces. Gemstones are appropriate for Feng Shui work because they are formed through powerful, natural processes, and provide a direct connection to planet Earth. It is this Earth energy, i.e., the gemstone’s vibrational essence, that we can intentionally bring into our lives.  


Early Beginnings

Imagine that in the beginning there was light, and this light lit up the mountain caves and deeply penetrated and encoded the stones with information about the divine and true nature of reality. This idea stems from a Taoist creation myth, which emphasizes the importance and significance of earth energy to classical Chinese medicine. Can you visualize this magnificent, golden light? Is it possible that roughly 4.5 billion years ago, the stones were appointed the wisdom keepers for planet earth?

These ideas have deep roots. Ancient Chinese alchemists and physicians had a symbiotic relationship with the earth. They understood that the earth is alive and that any part of the earth could be used as medicine. They recognized the living vibration of stones and came to understand their essence and their many applications for maintaining health and well-being.  

Ge Hong, an important alchemist during the Jin dynasty, proclaimed that “stones are the laboratory of all possibility.” Indeed, stones are our ancestors. They were part of the Earth well before plants and animals. Ge Hong’s powerful statement supports the assertion that stones are one of the most powerful tools to use in Feng Shui, as they provide a tangible connection to the very core of our planet.

Stones can be very deceiving though. On the surface, they look so inert it appears they are just lying around doing nothing; however, underneath the surface, the stones are vibrating their essence to assist us in our life journey. It is this vibrational essence that we are tapping into when working with gemstones. Our task is to be open and receptive. 

Fortunately, the wisdom of stone medicine has been passed on by oral teaching from Master to Student for thousands of years. Because of this, the knowledge has survived and continues to evolve and inform our understanding of this gorgeous earth medicine.