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Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Consultation 

Applying Feng Shui principles ensures that the energy of a home is flowing smoothly and harmoniously, fully supportive of its occupants and those that visit.   Moreover, Feng Shui services may benefit any number of life situations, for example:

Depending on your goals and desires, a consultation may include the following:  

Rate $95 per hour - 2 hour minimum


Space Clearing  

You've just walked into a space and it "feels so good" that you are inclined to hang out for a while.  Or, you've walked into a space where previously there was arguing and discord - it feels uncomfortable and you don't want to stay there very long.  The energy within a space affects us more than we may have considered.  How can we make sure the energy in our homes is supportive and peaceful?  Space Clearing is the answer.

Space Clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui.  The first and most important step is to clearly state your intentions - what is it you wish to achieve?  I recommend writing down your intentions as this helps to reinforce your desires. Then, using various clearing tools, I will move room by room to disrupt and disperse old, stagnant or undesirable energy.   Next, together we will invoke a beautiful House Blessing, which sets the stage to usher in fresh, sparkling energy.  The change is observable!

A Space Clearing session is a great way to honor your home and reclaim it as a sacred space that is energetically supportive of you and your family.  It is desirable after any major changes have occurred in your life.  I like to conduct a Space Clearing ceremony at each solstice to reset the energy as part of Nature's cycle of seasons.

A Space Clearing is beneficial any time but especially upon moving into a new home.  It is important to release energy from previous occupants, thereby leaving the space receptive and ready to support your energy. 

Rate $95 per hour - 2 hour minimum


Feng Shui for Real Estate 

For the Seller:

You have cleared out the clutter and staged your client’s home and it is still sitting stagnant on the market.   If this is your experience, it may be time to give the home an energy lift.  Feng Shui is a way to quickly shift the energy in a home.  Using a few strategic Feng Shui improvements may not only increase the value of the home, but also improve the emotional appeal and marketability of the property.

Rate $95 per hour - 2 hour minimum


For the Buyer: 

You helped your client find their dream house.  Congratulations!  Acknowledge your client with a gift that is sure to please:  a Feng Shui consultation.  Understanding and applying basic principles of Feng Shui can transform a house into a home that supports it new inhabitants.   

Rate $95 per hour - 2 hour minimum