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The mighty Dragon is the ancient Chinese symbol for the Cosmic Breath of Life, or Chi. He opens his eye, slowly turns his head, breathes in and out, and in an instant, swiftly takes flight across the Heavens above.

Similarly, Chi is the constantly moving and changing Life Force that we feel within and around us. If chi is moving too fast, it can make us uncomfortable and anxious. If it is barely moving or stagnating, it can make us feel lethargic and stuck.   Feng Shui attempts to balance and harmonize the chi flow so that we feel more comfortable in our living spaces.

Chi is often represented as a circle with black and white swirls; one side waxing then waning as it transitions to the other. And the cycle continues. As you can see from the symbol, Chi is constantly trying to strike a balance between two extremes. The ancients described these extremes as yin and yang, the complimentary yet opposing forces of nature.  You’ll notice in the yin/yang symbol there is a little dot of yang in the yin side and a little dot of yin in the yang side. This is representative of the fact that everything has some measure of both yin and yang aspects. We tend to be more comfortable in a space where yin and yang are balanced.


Here are just a few examples of yin and yang characteristics:





Chi enters our home through the front door, often referred to as the Mouth of Chi. From there, it is our goal to arrange our rooms such that the Chi can gently flow throughout your environment rather than rushing in and rushing out, or getting stuck. This may mean having some rooms that are more yang (a living room, kitchen or study perhaps) and some rooms that are more yin (a bedroom or meditation room for example).   The way you feel in your home is definitely impacted by how these energies are balanced.