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What Is Feng Shui?

Many of us do not realize it but humans are greatly influenced by our surroundings. For example,

As you are starting to see, maintaining an environment where beneficial energy is your reliable companion not only helps to support creative and spiritual pursuits, but also everyday well-being. This is our goal in Feng Shui.  Feng Shui literally translates to “wind” and “water”, the two most prevalent elements that shape the natural environment. Likewise, Feng Shui is used to shape the energy in and around our environment.

There are three core principles of Feng Shui.  They are:  Chi, the Five Elements, and the Feng Shui Bagua.  An evaluation of your living and work spaces according to these principles will give you a foundation upon which you can begin to implement changes to create a space that is supportive of you.  Click on the links below to find out more.


The Five Elements

Feng Shui Bagua