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How to Use Gemstones

Gemstones are excellent at conducting energy but they also absorb the energy around them. Because of this, it is recommended that you cleanse and recharge your gemstones before each use. Once recharged, set your intention and begin using your gemstones to bring about the change you desire. 

Here's How! 

Cleanse/Recharge your Gemstones.  When you receive your gemstones, it is recommended that you cleanse them to neutralize their energy. One of the easiest ways is to hold the tumbled gemstones in running water for a few minutes. To recharge the energy of the stone, place them in the sun for a few hours. The sun’s rays are so effective in recharging the earth energy of the stones.  Other ways to recharge your gemstones include burying them in the earth for a few days, placing the gemstones on a bed of clear quartz or a bed of hematite.

Set your Intention.  It is a great idea to program a gemstone for your intended purpose. First, hold your gemstone(s) in your hands and allow yourself to be open to the energy of the stone. What do you feel?  Is it cold or warm?  Is it light or heavy?  Does it have a smooth surface or rough?  Does it shimmer?  What about the clarity?  

Now dedicate the crystal for the purpose you intend, e.g., state your intention out loud or just focus on that thought. Be as specific as you can when expressing your intention.  And always speak in present tense as if you have already obtained your desire.  For example, if you are looking for more creativity, you might think or say:  "Thank you for my awesome creativity.  I love how new ideas just flow freely to me."

Work with your Gemstones.  Now with your intention in mind, you may decide to keep the gemstones on your person or place them in your home or even keep them in you car as a reminder of your goals. Or, you may wish to place the gemstone(s) in an auspicious location of your home using the Feng Shui Bagua as a guide.

Using the Bagua is a great way to amp up the energy of the gemstones even more. This is because the Bagua is an ancient energy “blueprint” for our homes. The combination of gemstone energy + your intention + Bagua energy is very powerful. It is a potent way to emphasize and remind us of our intention to affect change.