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Relationship Gemstone Pouch

  • Relationships are all about love - be it your primary relationship with your sexual partner, or your relationship with yourself, family, friends, and people in general. The Relationship Gemstone Pouch was created to invite love energy into your home.

    The pouch includes three beautiful extra large gemstones, selected to energetically correspond to the Relationship area of the Feng Shui Bagua. The Relationship area is about the ability to share and spread our love, compassion and empathy. It also is about affirming self-love and self-worth. Use your Gemstone Pouch to attract love in all its forms.

  • Relationship Gemstones

    Rose Quartz is a powerful pink stone of unconditional love. When using this stone, you will begin to notice opportunities to give and receive love. This beautiful stone is often seen carved into a heart shape as it is an important crystal for the heart. Rose Quartz enhances any stone used to cultivate the relationship area. It promotes an openness to beauty in all its forms.

    Rhodonite is mottled pink with black flecks. It comes from the Greek word rhodon, meaning “rose”. Like the gift of a pink rose, this stone brings forth admiration and appreciation.   Rhodonite invites a gentle expression of love and friendship with humanity.

    Blue Lace Agate is a lovely light blue stone with bands or laces. The color represents new beginnings. It assists with the process of going through difficulties in life to emerge with a fresh outlook. It helps us accept our family and overcome family issues. Blue Lace Agate benefits relationships between equals, such as with husband and wife.

    The Gemstone Pouch is a satin-lined, drawstring bag constructed out of a sturdy, jute material with a screen print logo. Each pouch contains three semiprecious, extra-large gemstones, which were selected to energetically correspond to a specific area of the feng shui bagua.   In addition, a crystal-clear quartz gemstone is included in the pouch to both enhance the properties of the gemstones and to recharge the stones after each use.

    Included with your purchase is a bamboo tea mat to give prominent beauty to your gemstone placement and a Feng Shui bagua map.

  • Dimensions

    The Gemstone Pouch is 3 in wide x 5 in tall. Each gemstone ranges from 1 to 2 inches.