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Gemstone Elixirs

Get Fired Up Elixir

The Get Fired Up Elixir is a blend to get your creative juices flowing. Included are Labradorite, Rhodochrosite, and Clear Quartz Crystal, all of which are all warming in nature and invite invigoration and stimulation. The citrus essence of lemon essential oil further enhances this energizing effect. Use this elixir when you need to turn up the volume and get the chi moving. Available in a 4-ounce spray bottle or in a 1-ounce travel size.

 Dancing Spirit Gemstone Elixirs were created with the objective of energizing a space to influence specific intentions. We begin with clear, filtered spring water or distilled water, imbued with the essence of selected gemstones; 100% pure organic essential oils; and hand-picked, organically grown herbs. Organic vodka is added as an emulsifier and preservative. These ingredients blend to produce a potent room enhancer that you can enjoy at home or work or wherever your travels take you.