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Bedroom Feng Shui

July 07, 2017

Bedroom Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui is the goal for your entire home but it is especially important in the bedroom.  Think of your bedroom in terms of the three Rs:  Rest, Rejuvenation, and Romance.  Having a bedroom that engages these three tenets will result in a healthier, happier you. 

So, which of these actions belongs in a bedroom:

  1. A place for your body to recover from the stress of the day
  2. A place to watch TV
  3. A place to sleep
  4. A place to work on the computer
  5. A place to physically and emotionally connect with your sexual partner
  6. A place to workout
  7. A place to work on projects

Just to make it easy, I highlighted the answers in orange that align with Feng Shui principles. In Feng Shui, bedrooms are viewed as a private sanctuary from the outside world.  They are a very Yin space compared to the rest of the rooms in our home.   As most of us spend about one-third of our lives there, let’s make sure we are energetically supported.  Here are some suggestions to get you there.

Bed Placement.  The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom and should be positioned with care.  Ideally the bed should be placed diagonally opposite the door with headboard against a solid wall.  This provides a level of physical and energetic security.  That is, from your bed, you have a view of anyone entering and thus less chance of being surprised and activating your root chakra survival response (fight or flight).

While the architectural design does not always allow for this optimum placement, it is still best to position the headboard of the bed against a solid wall.  This is for our energetic well-being.  A solid wall creates strong protective energy around the bed, giving a feeling of security.  A bed between windows or under a window is not recommended because of the nature of energy flow.  Chi (or energy) would enter through the door and most likely head straight towards the windows.  Positioning the bed between the windows places you in that line of energy, which could be too harsh and might be unsettling.   Of course, if this is the only option, we can slow down the rush of energy with blinds or curtains on the windows, other furniture arrangement, and/or incorporating other cures such as hanging crystals to circulate the chi.

The goal in Feng Shui is to foster gentle, fluid, flowing chi in the room (nothing stored under the bed, the path around the bed free of clutter), while keeping everyone safe and comfortable (no heavy objects hanging over our bed, no sharp corners pointing at us while we sleep).  

Mirrors.  While mirrors may be appropriate for other areas of your home, mirrors are best kept out of the bedroom or at the very least not reflecting a view from the bed.  This is because mirrors reflect chi, which can be energetically unsettling if pointed at the bed.  Also, it takes away from the bedroom serving as a cozy sanctuary for rest and relaxation (too much activity).  I have heard it said that if mirrors reflect the bed, you may be energetically inviting “unintentional guests” into your bed and this is probably not good for a relationship.  

Electronics.  From a Feng Shui perspective, TV’s and electronics in general are frowned upon.  The EMFs generated from these devices can disrupt sleep (especially to those sensitive to environmental conditions).  Also, TVs, computers and the like are more active and so should be kept to the Yang spaces of the home (family room, living room, office for example). 

Nightstands.  Nightstands symbolize equality in a romantic relationship so make sure there are two of them and that they are of equal weight (they don’t have to be identical).  Having two nightstands also prevents having one side of the bed pushed against a wall.  Nightstands or not, this is not ideal as it does not allow energy to circulate around the bed.

Artwork.  The master bedroom may not be the best place for family photos.  You wouldn’t want your grandmother keeping a watchful eye on you here.  Having a picture of you and your significant other is a good idea.  In fact, decorating in pairs is recommended (not one candle but two).  Also, make sure any art in the room has a loving, positive vibe – no sword-wielding Samurai please.

Bottom line – the bedroom should be your sanctuary – make it cozy.  Choose colors you love and linens that feel luxurious and soften the space.  This is your oasis for rest, rejuvenation and romance.  You deserve it!

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